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Emily Simonds.

Artist. Engineer. Writer.

Emily Simonds is a mixed media installation artist, sculptor, and writer who loves to take art to the next level through engineering, sustainability, and interactivity. Every piece she creates utilizes at least 50% recycled materials, and most are made from more than 80%.  Sourcing her items and raw materials primarily from junkyards, she uses everything from billboards to buses. She strives to blend elegant engineering solutions seamlessly into interactive art installations and sculptures, challenging her audience to think deeper about the world around them. Since 2009, she has worked with a variety of techniques ranging from airbrush and thermoplastic heat-forming to welding and 3D printing. Specializing in the use of unconventional materials, Emily is inspired by the problems she sees people face in everyday life, and endeavors to bring elements of fantasy and wonder to the solutions.

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